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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The White Bench Blog Archives.

Dear friends and readers,

thank you for your patience while I was keeping this blog offline.

I didn't feel comfortable anymore leaving it online- being highly- sensitive, I am a slow person... I have to feel absolutely comfortable with things and with myself, before I can interact with the world.
The White Bench, so dear to my heart, is once again available for you to read!

The posts I left haven't been edited- they are the original ones. I have just had to go through them, and see if I felt comfortable leaving them online. This has required a lot of time, mainly because of the emotions that they triggered- I couldn't bear to go through them until recently.
I had already deleted hundred of posts in previous years (2008- 2009) and some I thought were not relevant anymore (like shop announcements/sales etc).

Unfortunately I noticed that, probably with the changes that Blogger has done in recent years, many of my posts have lost formatting (so the images are small) and some of them also lost comments. I have never had a post without comments in all my blogging life, hence I wonder where on earth they may have gone. Anyway...

It was so lovely and emotional to go though what I've written over the years, and some of the comments, too... I got to meet old blog friends again, that I haven't seen in such a long time. What happy memories. The connection is still strong with you all.

This blog will remain as an archive to my new "The White Bench- Wholehearted and Creative Living" blog, with the main steps of my personal and artistic journey, that led me where I am now- a simple and highly- sensitive girl, an Artist, a daydreamer, experimental creative entrepreneur and a very strong introvert (who is chatty, open and fun- ha!), who navigates this life with open mind and arms, and a full heart.

So much to discover yet, so much to learn, so much to share...

I truly hope my own humble story and posts written from the heart will inspire you in your own journey.

Much love,
Monica xo

P.S. Do come to the new The White Bench blog! Let's chat there!

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